Chukshon EF! Action Update!

Chuk’Shon Earth First! is back in action again, and, on February 17, we’re
planning the most awesome of actions Tucson has seen in a long time.  To
make sure that everything goes as planned we can’t release the exact
details of where the action is taking place.  But trust us, it’s not
something to miss.  The action is going to follow the Earth First! Winter
Rendezvous happening in the Santa Ritas the weekend before.  Everyone is
welcome and encouraged to attend, more information and directions can be
found at  It’s going to be about the proposed new
open-pit copper mine that Rosemont Copper is trying to put in the Santa
Rita Mountains.  Mines, being horribly destructive and disgusting, are not
things that we can allow to be built.  So, meet up on Feb. 17 at 8:30am in
Estevan Park (Main and Speedway) to travel to the protest together.  Bring
signs and banners in opposition of new mines, drums and noisemakers,
puppets, dancing shoes, and energy.  It’s going to be epic!


~ by chukshonef on February 9, 2009.

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