Sign making party Tuesday January 20 6pm @ Dry River Infoshop

We will be making signs for Thursdays KUAT demo and talking about Chuk’shon EF! strategy and what not.

Thursday January 22 12pm Demo against KUAT radio station

Meet at the Flagpole on campus @ 12pm. We will have signs already made and will be able explain objectives of the Demo.

KUAT has been running radio ads in support of the Santa Rita mountain copper mining operation. We say that is unacceptable! Lets hold them accountable for their actions. We will be delivering a list of demands to the station mainly asking them to remove the ads that are in support of mining. This will be one of many future actions in opposition of mining in the Santa Rita Mountains.

Behind the Mask Film Screening

Friday January 23 8pm @ Dry River Infoshop

A film about Animal rights/lib. A discussion on local issue will follow. There will be zines and posters available for donations. Local groups will be tabling with literature and available to talk about campaigns. Feel free to bring food to share.
Locally in the past and now there have been people working on animal issues in Tucson. Lets come together to hear what folks are working on now. Lets see what we can come up with for strategies to develop new campaigns and support or revive old ones and present ones.
Here is a link to the flier


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