I-10 Bypass

The plans for the I-10 bypass are part of a disturbing trend known as the “Corridors of the Future Program” US Department of Transportation. These roads are vital vessels for the furtherance of globalization.

In late 2006, a Phoenix/Tucson I-10 bypass was proposed by a member of the Arizona State Transportation Board. The proposed bypass would allow trucks and other traffic to avoid the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas. Such a highway would inevitably destroy sensitive wildlife habitat, degrade the character of rural communities and pave the way for sprawl in relatively undisturbed areas—all for the benefit of an unsustainable globalized economy that does not serve the people of Arizona. From Root Force

Other articles and resources for the I-1o bypass:

Ignoring Wide Opposition, State Transportation Board Moves to Study Options for I-10 Bypass

Public Disrupts Meeting on I-10 Bypass

Corridors of the Future

Interstate 10


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